Stephens Home for the Aged

This service project of St. John’s Church, was the dream of Mrs. Kathleen Dorothy Stephen, to shelter and care for the aged and handicapped who do not have any support and are unable to look after themselves. Her abiding concern for them promoted her to bequeath her home on No. 14, Clarke Road, opposite Richards Park, to St. John’s Church. The home was dedicated on 9th August 1998 and set up with the gifts from the congregation.

Stephen’s Home is dependent entirely on the support from the Church. The running expenses of the home are met by the interest from an endowment fund, and donations in cash or monthly provisions from the congregation.

Asha Nivas

On  August 12, 1978, the second institution to be established by the Church, this time on itspremises, was the Asha Nivas, a home for senior citizens,. It was established as a project to help the senior citizens of the Church of South India so that “those who had sacrificed much and cared for others could now come and live in the shadow of the church and in the circle of its caring ministry”.

The home is meant to be self-supporting but due to inflation and falling interest rates on fixed deposits, many of the residents find it difficult to meet the increased rates of food, electricity and medical bills. Therefore in 2002 a ‘Friends of Asha Nivas’ Fund was set up to help the residents in different ways.   A resident puts down a deposit, and pays a monthly rent, water and electricity bill, and the actual cost of the food.
The second phase was completed in February 1983. It now has three blocks with five double suites with attached bath and kitchen and 12 single bath attached rooms. The central block includes a common recreation/dining room and kitchen.

St. John’s Boys Hostel

The hostel, built in 1974 to accommodate 70 children, has been one of the key projects of the church. The 35 children living at the St.John’s Hostel are a picture of happiness, with the Church taking on the challenge and responsibility of giving the boys a future to look forward to. The St. John’s High School takes are of their fees, books and uniforms. The boys are guided and mentored in all aspects of their holistic development by the Warden and the Friends of St. john’s Hostel committee.

St. John’s Cemetery
St. John’s Church has its own cemetery at Kalpally.  In 1999 we constructed a special Open-air Chapel, the only one of its kind in India. This allows us to hold funeral services there before the burial. Every year on All Saints Day (November 1), a Memorial Service is held in the chapel to remember all the loved ones who are buried in the cemetery.