History of St. John’s Church

We’ve A Story To Tell The Nations

Long long ago in 1850, in our small town of Bangalore, there lived Rev. R. Posnett. He had come from England and was the Assistant Chaplain of St. Mark’s Church. Rev. Posnett was known to be a kind man, who realised that there was a need for a separate parish on the opposite ridge of Mootocherry on the edge of the Cantonment with a church, reading room and library for the pensioned soldiers of the Company who were settled there and a school for their Eurasian children who were not welcome in the Cantonment Schools.

Rev. Posnett’s idea caught on with the officers of the station. With their contributions, in 1853, he constructed, on a low ground close to a number of kilns,a small one-room chapel measuring 47 by 16 feet near Haines Road.