Resource Centre

In 2010, the buildings on St. John’s Church Road, behind the petrol pump which earlier housed a Christian book shop, were modified and named as St. John’s Church Resource Centre. On the first floor is a parsonage for the Assistant Presbyter.

The ground floor is the resource Centre, which can be used for smaller programmes for 75 persons. It has wash rooms and a pantry.

For short transit stay, there are two flats, one on the first floor and the other on the second floor with a bedroom, hall, pantry, rest and wash room. Both flats are equipped with a double bed, sofa-cum-bed, four-chair dining table, microwave oven, electric kettle and T.V. Two adults and two children, below 12 years, can be accommodated. The accommodation, as you know, is very conveniently located. Do pass the word round, and contact the Church Office for any details.

The rates for hiring the Resource Centre are:

1.Guest Room – Rs 1500/- per day

2. Resource Centre – St John`s Church Members – Rs 7000/- per day

3. Other CSI members and Christians  from other denominations – Rs 9500/- per day

4. Resource Centre booking amount includes a caution deposit of Rs 2000/-