Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School at St. John’s is a powerful ministry.  For ten consecutive days, children are rooted deeply to learn the word of God. Here they are channelised to dedicate their talents, time and energy in a very vital way, moulding and strengthening them to accept Jesus as their personal saviour.  The theme and the appropriate sub themes are selected for ten days. The numerous activities enable the children to experience the spiritual realms, and helped them to use their potential to learn values based Christian attitudes.

Every day, the VBS begins with the Teachers’ devotion that is led by various resource persons to equip teachers with extra manna role model and to exhort the students by the word of God. This is followed by a vibrant praise and worship session where the children are taught new songs.

Then the children trooped off to their classrooms led by a team of dedicated teachers as per their age and classes – beginners: 3-5 years, primary: 6-8 years, juniors: 8-11 years, inters: 12 -13 years and seniors: 14 – 16years.  They learn to pray, answer questions from the work book consisting of activities, interactive sessions, scriptures reading, attention getters and finally challenge to force their life situation based on Christian values. Emphasis is given to classes based on various themes   including missionary stories to inspire them, motivate them and retrieve their talents in different ways.

During the break, the children are provided snacks before the final session which has beautiful children’s devotions led by resource people. During that time, the teachers share and enjoy the fellowship of all the teachers and discuss the special days at VBS.

The special days are day of cleanliness and beauty, day of labor, day of witness and the much awaited day the love feast and inspection day. Prizes are awarded after the inspection by resource people who visit each class and inspected the children’s preparation for lessons, charts and models.  At the love feast, a full day celebration, children and teachers bring various types of food and share them.

The final day is so much of fun and excitement as the children express their talents through skits, choreography, action songs, recitation of memory verses. VBS does not end on the final day, but at the VBS picnic where there is enjoyment, rejoicing and leisure, and a fellowship that holds lasting memories.