Saturday Prayer

Posted on April 21, 2016

Saturday Prayer

At the rear of the church known as ‘Prayer Corner’, every Saturday morning from 6.30 to 7.30, a group of around 10-12 members, including the Pastors, gather for a special Prayer Fellowship — for a time of biblical reflection, sharing and prayer not just for their needs, but for the needs of St. John’s members, the various ministries of the Church and the Diocese.

Prayer requests are received from members of the Church either in writing or orally and the prayer list is prepared in advance.   The prayer time is committed to praises, thanksgiving and supplications. Intercessions are for the mission of the church and spiritual growth of the members, the various wings and ministries of the church, the clergy, elders, and administrative staff, members who are sick, members with special physical, emotional and family challenges.

We also uphold the needs of the Diocese, its leadership and the ministry of various Diocesan institutions.  We are obligated to pray for our city, state, country and the world that affect the people of God and humanity in general.

We rejoice in many answered prayers and also accept that God’s response to our prayers sometimes can be ‘no’ or ‘wait’.

We hope that the prayer ministry is helping many to a ‘closer union and walk with Christ’, who was essentially the Man of Prayer, and enabling lives to be lived under the influence and in the presence of the Holy Spirit.



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