Church Office

In the early years the administration concerned mainly the Church, the cemetery and the School and the Pastorate Committee and the School Committee looked after these. The Chaplain or Presbyter and the Secretary of the Pastorate Committee were mainly responsible for the administration with a small staff of the Church mali/sexton and the Cemetery caretaker. With the growth of the church and the addition of new institutions like the Hostel and Asha Nivas the need for the appointment of a part-time office secretary was felt and Mrs. Byrne was appointed in 1967.

Today the office staff has grown to two secretaries, an accountant, two sextons and a mali as well as the cemetery mali. A separate Church Office building was constructed at the end of the seventies but it had to be knocked down in 2000 to accommodate the new Community Centre. The Church office moved to 3 small rooms adjoining the Parish Hall.

The Pastorate Committee meets every month and the administration is divided between 12 sub-committees who look after the different aspects of the ministry of the Church.